When the City Speaks (ENG)

Cities are filled with stories and myths. As urban dwellers, we live surrounded by places holding tales we are unaware of: historical anecdotes, made-up urban myths and thousands of untold lives. In this workshop, we will explore the joyful act of creating an urban myth. Inspired by the observation of the city, its built environment, its activities, its rhythm and its flows, we will learn techniques of urban writing inspired by 19th century chronicles, 1960’s situationists, 1980’s regionalist hip hop, improvisation and urban fiction. We will craft made-up stories that are deeply connected to Rotterdam and embark on a fictional guided tour to tell them (and hopefully spread them).

Your guide is Salomé Attias, a Paris-born, Rotterdam-based creative with a keen focus on not choosing to focus. On stage, she’s an improviser and storyteller. Off stage, she is a improv trainer, creative coach and facilitator focusing on making progressive voices heard. In the street, she’s an intersectional climate activist. Her professional and academic is in urbanism, social sciences & literature. In her younger years, she was working as a tour guide in Paris and soon realised that the stories we tell impacts the way we experience cities – it’s all made up, and it’s all true.

Apply before September 17th by filling out the registration form. We will select a group of 12 students max.

Date: Saturday September 30th 2023
Time: 13.30 (doors: 13:00) – 16.00 uur
Place: The Writer’s Guide: Gouvernestraat 87B
• Discount (for young writers up to 25 years, students en people with low income): € 12,50
• Regular (for everyone who does not fit the descriptions above): € 25,-
• Good Samaritan (for everyone who wants to support The Writer’s Guide): € 30,-

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