The Erotic Word

Oh, the inherent eroticism of the written word! We present to you: The Erotic Word, an 8-week do-it-yourself sexy-writing kit. Kit as in – every week you will get a (discreetly packaged) letter in your inbox with three assignments: something to listen to, something to read, and something to write.

The goal of the course is to put you in touch with the erotic – through sounds, tastes, textures – and work you up to writing your own sexy-sexy sex scene. You will also receive access to a (locked! secure!) Instagram community where you can chat to other writers about the assignments and share your work. However, active participation is not required. So do it yourself, or do it together, do it quietly or loudly or very very gently. Just make sure you write it down ;).

Starting date: April 6th 2023
Tickets: € 60,-
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