Spoken WERQ (ENG)

Spoken word has always been a powerful way of expressing one’s identity, challenging oppression, and inspiring social change, therefore spoken word and queer activism are undeniably linked. In this workshop, you will learn how to use your voice, your words, and your stories to create impactful performances that celebrate queer culture and diversity.

You will explore the history and current trends of queer spoken word activism, and discover some of the amazing artists who are using this art form to make a difference in the world. Whether you are new to spoken word or have some experience, this workshop will help you develop your skills, confidence, and passion for spoken word. Join us for a fun and interactive session that will unleash your inner poet!

Your teacher is spoken word artist Geoffrey van der Ven. Geoffrey looks at the world with a curious eye. His performances are sharp, critical and often activistic with a personal tone around queer and BIPOC identity.

Date: Saturday November 11th 2023
Time: 14.30 (doors: 14:00) – 17.00 uur
Place: The Writer’s Guide: Gouvernestraat 87B
• Discount (for young writers up to 25 years, students en people with low income): € 12,50
• Regular (for everyone who does not fit the descriptions above): € 25,-
• Good Samaritan (for everyone who wants to support The Writer’s Guide): € 30,-

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