I Was Glamour. I Was Grammar.

In spoken word, or the live performance of a poem, we have only one chance to introduce ourselves to our audience, to enthrall them, and most importantly, to convince them that our story matters. For this workshop, we will examine how poetic devices on “the page” translate on “the stage.” We will consider how choreography mimics or substitutes for the poetic line. We will study performances by Crystal Valentine, Franny Choi and Jamila Woods, and we will practice strategies for breathing, focus, and confidence during live performance. There will be movement exercises, so please wear comfortable clothes and shoes!

Although Paul Tran debuted only last year, they have already established a solid place in the American poetry landscape. Their first collection, All the flowers kneeling, was extremely well-received by critics and on stage. Tran, who started in the slam scene, has been a popular speaker and performer for more than a decade and their vivaciousness during their readings is contagious. 

Tell’em Festival
In collaboration with Poetry International Festival we offer this workshop for Tell’em Festival, the spoken word festival where you can find poetry, prose, rap, storytelling and spoken word of course. Go check it out!

Date: Saturday June 3rd 2023
Time: 12.30 – 14.30 uur
Venue: Kunstinstituut Melly
Tickets: € 16,- 

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