Poetry International presents: Every Body Loves Some Body

Let us write an ode to the body! Let us consider what it means, to live with it, move with it, feel desire through it. Know that it is seen by others, too. During this workshop – a collaboration between The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy) and Poetry International – we’ll explore the body and our relationship to the body through various writing exercises and conversations: what can a smell do to a memory? What can a touch do to our sense of self? We’ll dive into poetry, into popular culture, into our own archives of the body. By the end of the session you will combine your reflections in a final piece: an ode to the body.

Your teacher is Yael van der Wouden, one of The Writer’s Guide (to the Galaxy)’s teachers in residence. Here she mentors young writers and teaches classes on the erotic and the monstrous. And she is a writer as well! Her essays and short stories have been published in The Sun Magazine, the Jewish Book council’s Paper Brigade, De Gids, and many other places. She has a piece coming out soon in Damn Honey’s next erotica collection, Fucking Horny.

Date: Friday June 10th
Time: 17.30 – 19.30 uur
Place: Verhalenhuis Belvédère
Tickets: € 13,50, get them here
Language: English, but you can write in Dutch

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